Seeing God change lives is the main reason we do what we do.  It is so fun to be a part of stories like these:

Jeremiah's story: 
"In the end I'm hoping to change someone's life...just like Jesus did to mine."
Chris' Story:  
"He called me His son.  And I'll never go back."

A quick synopsis is that we currently live and minister in San Antonio TX.  We work with Athletes in Action, a campus ministry of Cru. For information on supporting our ministry financially please go to our Give page (a very catchy and original page name…)

Now here’s a bit more detail.

In 2002 we felt God call us into full-time ministry.  We stayed and ministered at UW-Stevens Point for 1 year.  

​Then in 2003 we followed God's leading to Mexico. We had many expectations and even more questions as we loaded up our Dodge Caravan and took the long journey from Wisconsin to Puebla. In those 4 years, God blessed us with many opportunities to talk to people about Him, to help young believers grow in their faith, and train fellow laborers as they followed God's call into a life of ministry. On top of that God blessed us with great friends, four years to grow together as a couple, and many unforgettable experiences.

​From there we found ourselves following God’s leading once again--but this time back to Wisconsin.  DeAnn’s health was the catalyst for this decision as we tried doctor after doctor and treatment after treatment in Mexico with no result. We asked God for healing for DeAnn if it were His desire for us to continue to serve in Mexico. During our time of waiting for His answer, God was also working on our hearts and showing us more clearly how He had created us and what our passions in ministry were. As we began to contemplate that move it was very bitter-sweet, but what at first seemed like a gentle nudge to return to the states  increasingly felt as if God’s hand were centered in our backs and pushing us along this path. We definitely miss the ministry in Mexico and the friends we made there (not to mention the best tacos you’ll ever eat right down the street from our house!)​

Landing back in the states we ministered full-time with Cru on the UW-Madison campus and in the surrounding area (including UW-Plateville and other smaller universities, community colleges, and technical schools.) The student population of that area was around 100,000 students. It was an amazing ministry to be a part of.  We were involved with sharing Jesus with students that did not know Him yet, leading Bible studies and weekly meetings, and planning retreats and spring break and summer mission trips among other things.​

From Madison we moved across the country to work with another Cru ministry, Destino.  We led the team there in San Antonio for 7 years reaching the campus through the Latino community.   We learned so much about cross-cultural ministry and trusting the Lord to use us in student’s lives.  

All those experiences and growth led us to take on the new challenge of reaching and serving student athletes, coaches, and faculty through the ministry of AIA (Athletes in Action.)  We are confidently trusting the Lord to move again like he's moved in the past and that we'd see many come to know Jesus in this next season.  

There have been so many people who have been with us, some for 18 years as ministry partners, some for just a little while, and I'd like to say thanks to all of you!  Without you and the Lord none of this would have happened!  

That is a little about where we’ve been and where we are now.